Most Expensive Basketball Shoes in the World

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Most Expensive Basketball Shoes

Basketball is an extremely popular game on the planet and most played also. It is played by everybody in this world among which some play this diversion professionally on the nation level. For playing this diversion, the players require legitimate garments and foot rigging to make their amusement more impeccable and powerful also. A few brands have indicated their jogger particularly for the ball players that are best to play and furnish hold with the floor also. The predefined tennis shoes for b-ball players are regularly costly than the ordinary ones. The idea of unique jogger was propelled just about 10 years back which is currently extremely normal in the entire world.The following are top 10 most expensive shoes for basketball players in the world:

10. Nike Air Force One: $ 2500


9. Air Jordan XI: $ 2700

8. Adidas Golden KB8: $ 3000

7. Air Jordan V: $ 10000

6. Nike Air Mag: $ 12000

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  • Compared to some other types of shoes, you might find that basketball shoes allow you to jump higher. But in the end, the height of your jump comes down to the strength of your calves and legs.

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