Akshay Kumar-The Most Humble & Grounded Bollywood Actor

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Aside from all the prevalent Khans who run the movies, Akshay Kumar is a hotshot who has an immense fan taking after as well. He is an impeccable spouse, 10 on 10 hovering Daddy, a well known star and each chief need to rope him. He is a standout amongst the most dedicated stars. Keep in mind when his bodyguard punched his fan and he thought about the charge and literally apologized? This is only one little occurrence that makes him truly extraordinary. His fans love him and regard him.

Here are 7 other facts about Bollywood’s ‘Khiladi’ Kumar that make him one of the most grounded stars of Bollywood. Read on…

1. Akshay Kumar does his own stunts but he has made a pact with his producers to pay the stuntmen the exact amount they would have got if they had done the stunts. And some reports claim that now he is also working towards getting insurance for the stuntmen.

2. To help the drought-hit farmers in Maharashtra, he gave a financial aid of Rs. 90 lakh to help 180 families of the farmers who had committed suicide. He also made a contribution of 50 lakh to Salman’s charitable trust Being Human. He also donated Rs 1 crore to Chennai’s flood relief.

3. Not many know that he also launched a martial arts school to provide self-defence training to women for free in Mumbai and has trained 4000 women!

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4. During the shoot of Khatron Ke Khiladi, one of the participants was leaving the show because he under-performed. When Akshay asked him what he would have done with the winning amount, the participant said, “I will use it for my father’s cancer operation”. Akshay didn’t just call him to console, he even gave him a Rs. 25 lakhs cheque.

5. Akshay sang and shot a music video of the Punjabi devotional song, Nirgun Raakh Liya and whatever profit he made, he donated to the victims of the train bombings of Mumbai on July 11, 2006.

6. Akshay slashed his endorsement fee for a brand that incurred losses because of drought! Akshay was earning close to Rs 10 crore to endorse the brand but he cut down this amount by almost half.

7. During promotions of his film Entertainment, Akshay attended an event organised by Youth Organization in Defence of Animals (YODA). Akshay bought a Burberry jacket from the exhibition for Rs. 1,00,000 and paid Rs. 3,60,000 for the same, donating the entire amount to YODA.

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